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Department of Nursing -Nursing Excellence

We believe that nursing is a professional discipline, of both art and science that incorporates nursing knowledge, critical thinking and caring. The delivery of care is guided by a “Single High Standard of Care” for all that is safe, culturally-competent, and patient and family-focused. Nursing practice is vital to accomplishing the Humanity Hospital’s Mission, Values, Pillars of Success and Standards of Excellence.

We believe that each individual is unique and brings abilities and needs to the health care milieu. We are committed to relationship-based care that focuses on nurses’ relationships with patients and families, co-workers and self. The nurse-patient relationship is based on genuine care and respect, recognizing the individual’s values.

Our goal for nursing at Humanity Hospital is to provide excellent care whereby all nurses are encouraged to realize their best potential as professionals. Excellence in patient care is fostered by providing nurses with orientation, mentoring, resources, continuing education and advancement opportunities.

Lodging facility for out station patients


We have lodging facility inside our hospital compound for out station patients from Tripura, Bangladesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and various districts of West Bengal.

  • Inside Hospital Compund
  • Affordable room rent
  • Has kitchen and utensils
  • You can cook yourself 
  • Free WiFi Internet available
  • 24 Hrs water and electricity

Nursing Internship & Volunteer programs




2 to 12 Weeks program

A small group of committed people can change the world. Help us to better serve the mankind.

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Program details

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  • Free accommodation
  • Subsidised food can be purchased from hospital canteen
  • Some fundraising effort for the hospital

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A small group of committed people can change the world.



3 to 6 Months program

Come and join us in our Internship program. Internship programs are from 3 to 6 months duration.

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Program details

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Infection Control Programme

cattlefield-technologiesSponsor of Infection Control Programme

Healthcare-associated infections(HAI) or Nosocomial infections pose a constant threat to hospitalized individuals. The increased morbidity and mortality associated with nosocomial infections in the intensive care unit (ICU) is a matter of serious concern today. According to a study in 2011, the number of deaths in India due to Hospital Acquired Infections was five times more when compared to several developed and developing countries.

We at Humanity Hospital strictly follow protocols and guidelines to minimize Nosocomial infections. Our target is ZERO. We have Infection Prevention & Control Programme constantly supervised by the Infection Control Unit.

The cost of infection control is accepted as a part of administrative responsibility rather than imposing on the patient even for essential items such as gloves, sterile gown, masks and disinfectants. Infection Control Programme is partially funded by Cattlefield Technologies as a part of CSR. Commonly seen HAI’s →

  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

    Ventilator Associated Pneumonia – A lung disease caused by bacterial and virus infection due to mechanical breathing. Mainly affects patients in ICU and has a fatality rate of 20%. It is caused due to the use of infected ventilator tubes and prolonged mechanical breathing.

  • Central line associated blood stream infection

    Central line associated blood stream infection (Clabsi) – It is caused by germs that enter the body through a central line, that is, through catheters, salines, etc that are used to exchange fluids, medicines and blood. It is one of the severe forms of HAI as per Centre for Disease Control.

  • Catheter related infection

    Catheter related urinary tract infection – Common in ICU patients as they cannot even respond if they feel pain due to a tube that has been inserted incorrectly. Most of the times lack of training causes UTI which is harder to treat. Urine blockage, internal leakage and tube infection can also be fatal if not paid attention to.

  • Surgical site infection

    Surgical site infection – Not particularly fatal but unhygienic surgeries lead to this HAI. Out of five, every two patient get infected by this infection. Causes redness, swelling and pain at the area of surgery. In severe cases it can lead to pus.

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— Subhasini Mistry, Humanity Hospital